Shielded from the elements by massive wooden palisades, Worthington (originally Worh's Town) offers a mid-point between Avrikurn and the smaller farming communities. It's not uncommon for a few thousand to gather on festival days.

A large market square takes up the majority of the city, and at one point Worthington was nothing more than a meeting point at a crossroad for several trade routes. Guards and more permenant campsites were set up to ease the trip. In 782 Davian Worhtal set up a trading post, and with the money he made off it built an inn. Eventually a town was built around the spot, and Worthington was formed.

Although Worhtal had little royal blood to his name, he was named Duke of Worthington. Upon the city's growth and success, it eventually became a monarchy in 850 and his grandson Marcus Worhtal was named King.

In recent history, after the death of the last king, his heir went missing for a time. A new king has sat upon the throne, although he's rarely seen. While still successful, the strain of having an elusive ruler is taking it's toll on the city.