Tiderunner leaping into battle

Tiderunner met the party in Castlekeep, a psionic warrior of swamps far to the north. His nomadic ways led him to Castlekeep, and they found him following the party to Medroit where they fought the Lich-King. With a taste for adventure and his blood boiling, he vowed his loyalty.


Tide found himself bonding with a fire-breathing monkey he captured in the Warpfed Forest. Naming it and carrying it with him, he strained to train it simple commands. When it was turned to stone by the basilisk his rash actions led to his petrification as well.

Death and his legacyEdit

Tide rejoined the party after the red plague fiasco and they marched on Waterdell and Von Straud's castle. In the final showdown between the party and Von Straud, tide breathed his last. Having already used Pelor's favour to ressurect Elhorn, Noremac found himself unable to help his companion. Tide's influence in his short stay in waterdell has caused them to create the annual Feast of the Runner in his honour.