Mandrake when asked if the room is safe.

Son of Reg and Miria Rattlebottoms, Mandrake was born late in the year of 980. His parents thought he needed an education and enrolled him in the local temple. He found trouble grasping the teachings provided to him, and was shipped from temple to temple. He's still unsure as to which god he aligns his belief, but he tries to commune with them all. He's also been known to dabble in experimental healing magic unsure as to why more arcane magic can evolve but the prayers he was taught were left unchanged for centuries.

His parents were later imprisoned for being elf supporters, and he moved to Worthington where living costs were a lot cheaper. His 26 brothers stayed in Avrikurn, however and he hasn't heard much from them since.

The party found a member listing of the young cleric at the mercenary guild in Worthington. Mandrake initially started his career by being paid to heal caravan robbers, but finding himself in a morale dillema ended up healing both groups much to the dismay of his providers. He eventually passed out from the ordeal and has been confused as to why it's taken so long to get another call.

A coward at heart but unable to leave a friend behind, Mandrake hopes to find a purpose by adventuring.

"Like, hey guys, you guys like, here for healing?"