DeSha Regional map 1

Map of the De'Sha region.

A region near the eastern coast of Nag'Shalok. Although it's considered a unified region due to the Treaty of Delgrade in 806, it's ruled by several individual monarchies. While mostly agricultural in nature, a prominence of the mercenary guild causes it to be brought up again and again in conversation.

The capital of the De'Sha is Avrikurn, which boasts 75% of the total trade of the region.

Locations of note:

1. Castlekeep

2. Stanson Farmhouse

3. Mount Cragmore

4. Medroit

5. Ifahn's Pyramid

6. Warpfed Forest

7. Thistlevale

8. Light's Hope

9. Worthington

10. Orsa Forest

11. Mines of Grim'Nak

12. Temple of Nethys

13. Avrikurn

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